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About Us

CEO Rich Donnell - a writer and editor with 40 years in newspapers and magazines - started up The Donnell Group book publishing firm in 1993.

Every book you see here was either written or published or both, by Donnell and his staff.

You can see they run the gamut and include sports, non-fiction, historical and general fiction, religious, business, genealogy, biographical, autobiographical, technical and personal experience.

Located in Montgomery, Alabama, The Donnell Group is a turnkey business. You can be as involved as you wish, or you can simply hand over the manuscript and approve the proofs as the process unfolds.

There are no limits either way on the size of a print run order.

Unlike most publishers, we maintain an open mind with regard to the financial details of publishing your book. We will work with you to assure both parties have won the deal.

Our methods include:

    • Traditional publisher-author royalty arrangements
    • Split Investment and revenue sharing options
    • Specialty contract publishing

We have successfully promoted a number of books through targeted campaigns that include radio and television appearances, newspaper coverage, speaking engagements, direct mail and in partnership with Amazon.com and other on-line outlets.

The Donnell Group can also format the manuscript and upload as an electronic book (digital e-book) for all e-book readers.

Almost no one but The Donnell Group offers at no extra charge, author-autographed books from its own web site. This is easily accomplished and it drives sales.

The Donnell Group has developed over the years strong working relationships with traditional chain and independent bookstores.

We can edit, design, print, promote, market and deliver your book. We can simply produce your book and deliver it to your hands. We can ghostwrite your book for you.

When you work with The Donnell Group, you have choices. We look forward to helping you see your book into print and can promise the experience will be a good one.

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